Where is the Bradford Farmers’ Market located?

Find us in the parking lot of the Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library at 425 Holland Street West.

Map to Bradford Farmers Market

When is the market open?

The outdoor market is open every Saturday, 9 am until 1 pm from May 22nd until Thanksgiving weekend.  We have expanded our season’s length and safety by adding an online component and the online market will run from March 27th until December 18th, even when the regular market is open.

Is the Bradford Farmers’ Market a “real” farmers’ market?

Absolutely!  We are registered with Farmers’ Market Ontario, and our markets’ producers really grow their products!  Talk to them individually, learn about their passion for their craft, you won’t be disappointed.  Please note – in some cases, our farmers purchase from other local farmers.  This is because some produce just doesn’t grow in our area; peaches and cherries, for example.  However, our market by-laws stipulate that all products must be grown within 100 kilometres of Bradford.

Do you sell organic products at the market?

Some of our vendors do have certified organic products, others are not certified but do have pesticide free products.  Get to know your farmers, learn their growing practices and let them know what is important to you!

What should I bring to the market?

Bring your own shopping bags.  Bring your free spirit, you just might see something unique and different at the market and it could change your plans for dinner!  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that you pay touchless (no cash please).

Why don’t you carry all the produce that I can buy at the grocery store?

If you don’t see it on our producers’ tables, it is probably not in season in Ontario.   Certain fruits and vegetables are only available at certain times of the year.  Grocery stores carry produce from all parts of the world and therefore have a larger selection (strawberries don’t grow in Ontario in January, for example).  We just carry what is ready to be picked out of our fields.  We pick it when it is ripe and ready to eat and the shipping time is however long it takes us to drive to the market!  The difference in taste is phenomenal!

Can I become a vendor?

Possibly.  The first step is to read the Rules and Regulations document found on our How to Join Our Market page.  After that, if you think you’ll be a good fit, fill in the Vendor Application and send it (or give it) to us.  The Board of Directors will review your applications and give you an answer.

How can I get in contact with you?

Visit our contact page for details.