Special Events

We have live music every week and the freshest and most delicious local products.  In addition, we hold Special Events once per month with extra fun for you and the whole family.  And, if you are an artisan who would like to set up a booth, these special days are your chance to join us as our Special Events are also “Artisan Festivals”.  We invite you to fill in an “Artisan Application Form” (located in the Application Form tab).

May 26, 2018                      Grand Opening Day

June 30, 2018                     Canada Day / Strawberry Festival

July 21, 2018                        Caribbean Day

August 25, 2018                Peach Festival / Elvis Day

September 15, 2018        Butter Tart Festival

October 6, 2018                Thanksgiving / Harvest  Festival

Indoor Market Dates:

November 3, 10, 17, 24, December 1, 15, & 22